Registered Charity Number: 1207790

Ladybug Lodge launched in February 2024 with a pilot event at Coventry Central Hall

Bookings were open for upto 40 families with children with SEND. Of the 30 families who attended the event, 23 families filled out a feedback form; 100% of families stated they would come again and that their child/young person enjoyed themselves! We received some incredible comments on the feedback forms.

"It was a bit of a haven from stress. It's so good to change the environment and to connect with other people. We didn't want to leave as life can become so isolating”

Due to the success of the February Event

We were able to provide 4 SEND sessions for families across the Easter period! 160 spaces were on offer, with 148 spaces being booked out before the break commenced! Once again we had 100% positive feedback from 52 families who completed feedback forms!

“This is an amazing resource for SEND children and their families! Brilliant resources for my sensory seeking little boy!”

“What a brilliant space to just be us! There were loads of different things to explore and play with, it was lovely to meet other parents who just get it!”

May Half Term, The largest provision yet!

May Half Term saw a big shift in Ladybug Lodge provision as we offered Stay and Play, Small group Swimming and a trip to the farm! Our 5 day provision offered the largest amount of family spaces yet, with 302 spaces on offer, families had lots to choose from! Across the 5 days, we had 227 family spaces booked, with many families returning multiple times within the week.

May Half Term also saw a large influx of new families to Ladybug Lodge. A staggering 63 new families registered with us across May Half term, with individuals travelling from Leicester, Birmingham, West Bromwich and even as far as Nottingham!